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Conventional Hydroponics

Proform N

Supports photosynthesis and the production of proteins for stronger, healthier, higher yield crops in greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.

Proform N™ can be applied as a foliar spray or drip feed and is specially formulated to allow better nitrogen absorption.

Active ROOT

Promotes strong rooting and development in cuttings and young plants, in greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.

Propagate your best sellers with our proprietary blend of organic acids, natural chelators and seaweed extract.

Active BLOOM

Provides essential nutrients for robust plants, beautiful blooms, and increased yield.

Give your greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals a nutrient boost at the vital blooming stage with Active Bloom™.


Maximize root initiation and root growth in plant cuttings.

Commercial growers and hobby gardeners alike will get great propagation results with this easy to use, no mess formula.

Active GROW

Supports the development of strong stalks, lush foliage, and increased yield in greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.

Encourage lush and robust growth with this easy to absorb vegetative nutrient mix.


Enhances pollen development, anther dehiscence, pollen hydration, fertilization, and production of fruit, pods and seeds.

Attract more bees and keep them busy with more viable pollen on more plants. Active Flower™ contains nutrients and a polyamine complex to enhance events leading to flowering, pollination and fertilization of crops, resulting in increased yield.

Active Ca-Mg

Prevents and corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies in greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.

High yields depend on strong stalk and leaf growth, making Active Ca-Mg™ an essential part of your nutrient regime, particularly with soilless media.


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