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Our Innovation Lab does the research so you don’t have to.

The Active DifferenceAt Active AgriScience, we are first and foremost, research scientists dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and techniques that improve the production and sustainability of farming. All of the products we manufacture have been created in our Innovation Lab to improve on the results attained with conventional wisdom.

Innovation Lab scientists study the plant growth cycle at a molecular level, to understand precisely how various bio-chemical elements and compounds are absorbed and utilized by different plants. They study the challenges that growers face in the real world – unpredictable weather, infertile soil, declining bee populations, and more - and devise theoretical solutions for experimentation.

Using s rigorous scientific method of observation, measurement, experiment, formulation, testing, and modification, the Innovation Lab team make extraordinary new discoveries. Novel compounds and product formulations are tested on both research and production farms, and refined to create products that work in the real world.

As more findings are gathered in the field, as the climate and other environmental factors change, our research continues to offer you the most advanced bio-chemical technology available in the marketplace.

Our patented Intrinsic™ formula is one of our amazing discoveries. With numerous benefits at all stages of plant growth, Intrinsic™ is found in many of our products. It regulates gene transcription, acts as a free radical scavenger, and mimics plant hormones. Intrinsic™ treated crops are better able to withstand environmental stressors, such as drought; plants show consistent stronger growth; and, produce a higher yield.


If you would like to participate in one of our field research studies, please get in touch. Together, we will continue the advancement of biotechnology that boosts crop yields in support of the food growers who sustain us all.


To us, it’s science. To you, it’s profit.



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