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Tillering, branching, fruit, grain, and nut development Enhancer.

Increase the volume and quality of your crop. The application of this specially designed formula gives a boost to the final stages of the plant reproduction cycle, increasing fruit, pod and seed growth and nutritional quality. Registration Number 2016149A Fertilizer Act.


Active KonnectWhen to Use

Wheat: Herbicide timing and late anthesis/grain filling.

Canola: Herbicide timing and early flowering.

Soybeans and other pulses: Herbicide timing and early flowering.

Fruit and nut trees, berries: between fruit set and ripening.

Tomatoes, vegetables: Early growth stage and flowering stage.



Active Konnect™ is a potassium supplement that is particularly beneficial during the development or early growth of fruit, grain and nuts, and can be used throughout the growing season to increase potassium levels.

For the best results, use the complete line of recommended Active AgriScience™ products for your crop.

Wheat: Active Prime™, Active Build™, Active Complete™, Proform N™, Active Konnect™, Micronutrients as needed.

Corn, Hops: Active Prime™, Active Build™, Active Flower™, Active Complete™, Proform N™, Micronutrients as needed.

Canola, Soybean, Pulses, Tomatoes, Vegetables: Active Prime™, Active Build™, Active Flower™, Proform N™, Active Konnect™, Micronutrients as needed.

Tree Fruit, Tree Nuts: Active Build™, Active Flower™, Active Complete™, Proform N™, Active Konnect™, Micronutrients as needed.

Berries: Active Build™, Active Flower™, Proform N™, Active Konnect™, Micronutrients as needed.


Active KonnectActive Konnect

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Soluble Potash (K2O) 30.0%
Cytokinin as Kinetin .05%


How it Works

Active Konnect™ provides chelated potassium, kinetin, amino acids, simple sugars and organic acids. Potassium allows production of protein, while kinetin, enhances cell division and growth, and stimulate branching. The specially designed combination of ingredients allows rapid uptake and utilization, resulting in increased volume, size, and quality of fruit, grain, and nuts.


Science & Research

INCREASED VOLUME & QUALITY: Active Konnect™ supports fruit, grain and nut development, resulting in a higher volume of larger, higher quality product.

INCREASED BRANCHING: kinetin present in Active Konnect enhances cell division and expansion, and also activates lateral or axillary bud growth allowing crops to have more branches, and therefore, more flowers and pods.

INCREASED SUGAR LEVELS AND FLAVOUR: Potassium regulates sugar translocation and metabolism, and by providing extra potassium in chelated form, there is an increase in fruit sugar and flavour.




Compatible with most fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Please see Compatibility Chart and conduct pre-testing if combination has not been previously used. Always do a jar test with pesticides and spray water to ensure compatibility as water quality can vary.


How to Use

Application Rate

1-2 L (1-2 qt) per acre



  1. Active Konnect™ is intended as a foliar spray and should be applied in the early morning or late afternoon. Do not apply when air temperatures are above 29°C (85°F) and avoid spraying on windy days.
  2. Always start with a clean mixing tank.
  3. Add sufficient water to allow thorough coverage of fields. 400 L (106 US gal) of water per acre is recommended for fruit trees and 20-40 L (5-10 gal) of water for field crops.
  4. Add other agrochemicals, if desired, and mix well.
  5. Add 1-2 L (1-2 qt) Active Konnect™ per acre and mix well.
  6. Apply to fields as indicated for type of crop.


Mixing Instructions

Please download the PDF instructions below



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