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Maximize root initiation and root growth in plant cuttings.

Commercial growers and hobby gardeners alike will get great propagation results with this easy to use, no mess formula.


RootIN When to Use

Immediately after cutting.



RootIN™ contains a plant rooting hormone in a thick gel, to seal and protect the cut stem while promoting further root development. Provides great coverage and is excellent for use on house, foliage, tropical and hardy ornamental plants; leaf, softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings; vegetables; fruit trees and small fruits.


Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

Indole - 3 - Butyric Acid 0.6%


How it Works

The thick gel protects the exposed plant tissue from dehydration and exposure to pathogens, while allowing direct contact between the auxin and stem cells, promoting the formation of roots.



Application Rate

Full strength.



  1. Take plant cuttings by making a diagonal cut across the stem.
  2. If taking multiple cuttings, place cut stems in water or wrap in a wet cloth until ready to plant.
  3. Pour RootIN™ into a small container to dip the cuttings in. DO NOT DIP DIRECTLY INTO STOCK CONTAINER.
  4. Dip the cuttings into RootIN™ to the top of the diagonal cut (1-2 cm) and immediately plant in suitable growing medium.
  5. Control humidity, and light as appropriate for the plant species.
  6. Transplant rooted cuttings.



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