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NRhizo Soy™ Co-Pack

The NRhizo Soy co-pack contains both NRhizo Soy inoculants and Active Prime™ PLS, a seed nutrient coating that supports seed germination and rhizobial bacterial growth.

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NRhizo Soy™ promotes nodulation in soy bean crops.

The NRhizo Soy co-pack contains both NRhizo Soy inoculants and Active Prime™ PLS, a seed nutrient coating that supports seed germination and rhizobial bacterial growth.

When to Use

Prior to seeding soybean crops.



The combination of Active Prime PLS and N-Rhizo Soy works to inoculate seeds with symbiotic rhizobium bacteria and provide the micronutrients and trace elements needed to improve germination, early growth and the efficiency of biological nitrogen fixation (BNF). Active Prime PLS works synergistically with N-Rhizo Soy to maximize BNF, leading to stronger plants and higher yields.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis

N-Rhizo Soy:

This product contains 2×109 viable cfu/g of Bradyrhizobium japonicum.

Active Prime PLS:

Soluble Potash (K2O) 1.0%
Calcium (Ca) 3.25%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.5%
Boron (B)(actual) 0.2%
Molybdenum (Mo)(actual) 0.2%
Ascophyllum nodosum extract 4.0%

How it Works

Rhizobium are soil bacteria that work symbiotically with legumes to fix nitrogen. These bacteria create nodules on the roots of plants where they convert atmospheric nitrogen into plant-available nitrogen. This relationship works to reduce the quantity of nitrogen fertilizer needed for the crop and to increase yield. Active AgriScience’s N-Rhizo Soy contains a minimum of 2 x 109 viable cfu/g of Bradyrhizobium japonicum to maximize nodulation in soybean crops.

Science & Research


Contains compatible nutritional seed treatment and rhizobial inoculant in one easy to use pack.


Less expensive than buying separate seed nutrient and inoculant products.


Active PRIMEPLS contains the necessary nutrients to support germination, vigorous early growth, and Rhizobial bacterial growth.


Box treats up to 800 kg of seeds at once – minimizing treatment errors.


Seeds can be treated with both products together or sequentially. Can treat seeds up to two weeks before planting.


Seeds dry quickly.



Liquid N-Rhizo products are compatible with fungicidal seed treatments such as: Cruiser Maxx® Vibrance® Beans, Apron Maxx® RTA, and Apron Maxx® RFC, and Trilex EverGol. For additional seed treatment compatibility see Active AgriScience’s Compatibility Chart.


Application Rate

Active Prime™ PLS: 2ml / kg of seeds

N-Rhizo™ SOY: 2.75 ml / kg of seed

Simultaneous application as two (or three) separate products: Direct/stream both Active Prime PLS and Agchem / N-Rhizo SOY in the required amounts towards the seeds.

Sequence of addition: Seed, Active Prime PLS, Agchem, N-Rhizo SOY

  1. First treat the seeds with required amount of Active Prime PLS and mix well for uniform coverage.
  2. Soon after application of Active Prime PLS, apply the required amount of Agchem/N-Rhizo SOY and mix well for uniform coverage.

Allow treated seeds to air dry for 5-10 min before seeding. For optimal performance, plant seeds as soon as possible after inoculation and no later than two weeks after treatment. Do not expose treated seeds to high temperatures, or direct sunlight. In hot dry field conditions, light irrigation after planting can help lower potential damage to the inoculant. In fields where legumes have not been grown for four years or more, higher application rates will lead to better results.

Weight 6.9 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in


Compatibility Guide


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