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  • Active Boron jug

    Active Boron™

    Active Boron™ is a micronutrient that supports photosynthesis and sugar translocation, root and root nodule growth, pollen tube length, flower, seed and fruit development.

  • Active Complete

    Active Complete™

    Active Complete™ is the last step in ensuring greater volume, size and quality of your crop.

  • Active Copper Jug

    Active Copper™

    Active Copper™ is a micronutrient that supports photosynthesis, structural strength, respiration, enzymatic processes, pollen virility, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

  • Active Flower Jug

    Active Flower™

    Active Flower™ enhances pollen development, anther dehiscence, pollen hydration, fertilization, and production of fruit, pods and seeds.

  • Active GrainFILL jug

    Active GrainFILL™

    Active GrainFILL™ optimizes grain size and weight by improving nutrition and extending the grain fill period.

  • Active Konnect jug

    Active Konnect™ (0.05 Kinetin)

    Active Konnect™ contains the plant growth regulator Kinetin to increase the volume and quality of your crop. Increases fruit, pod and seed growth and nutritional quality.

  • Active STABILIZER jug

    Active STABILIZER™

    Active STABILIZER™ is a liquid fertilizer additive that controls ammonia volatilization from urea and UAN fertilizers.

  • Active VPR jug

    Active VPR™

    Active VPR™ acts as a post-emergent herbicide stress reliever while acting synergistically with the herbicide to increase its efficacy on weeds.

  • Active Zinc Jug

    Active Zinc™

    Active Zinc™ is essential for plant enzymatic processes, including photosynthesis and the production of indoleacetic acid, affecting stem length, leaf size, and overall yield.

  • Arm U

    Arm U™

    ARM U™ is an NBPT soil fertilizer additive that allows plants to absorb a greater amount of nitrogen which otherwise disappears too quickly through conversion to ammonia gas.

  • Proform N

    Proform N™

    Proform N™ Supports photosynthesis and the production of proteins for stronger, healthier, higher yield crops.

  • Active Prime Jug

    Active Prime™

    Active Prime™ promotes germination with significantly greater root growth for hardier seedlings and increased yield.

  • Active Build Jug

    Active Build™

    Active Build™ promotes growth above and below ground while protecting young plants from stressors.