Product Guides

Our product guides include detailed information on our seed treatments, foliar fertilizers, and nitrogen stabilizers including useful application information and the results of independent, multi-year field trials.

Nitrogen Management Guide

A guide for preventing nitrogen loss with our nitrogen stabilization products.

Trial Protocol

With unexpected variables such as soil conditions, weather, pests, diseases, tank mix partners, applications rates, and errors in mixing and application, we encourage all prospective customers to run trials of our products before broad acreage adoption. Please visit our Trial Protocol page to learn more.

CompatibilitY Guide

Active AgriScience products are compatible with most fungicides, herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. Please read the Compatibility Guide and conduct pre-testing if a combination has not been previously used. Always do a jar test with pesticides and spray water to ensure compatibility as water quality can vary.

Storage and Handling

A guide for proper storage and handling of Active AgriScience products to ensure their long-term efficacy.

Emergency Response Plan

Active AgriScience manufactures seed treatment, foliar fertilizer and nitrogen stabilizer products. Please follow these instructions in case of an accidental chemical spill of AAS products.