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We are a leading technology provider to the global Agriculture Industry focused on creating seed treatment, foliar plant nutrition and nitrogen stabilizer products.

It’s not just the high quality nutrients we use that set our products apart. The proprietary technologies we’ve developed ensure those nutrients are delivered precisely to the plant cells where and when they are needed.


Our unique patented and patent-pending technologies unlock the latent genetic potential of crops. Results from independent scientific research show enhanced germination, seedling vigor, root growth, crop quality, and yield.

We understand the unique challenges and stresses associated with intensive high-density production. As leaders in plant nutrient and bioactive technologies, we are constantly evolving our formulas. This ensures plant nutrition is optimized through every stage of the growth, while simultaneously increasing resistance to environmental stressors.

Product Guides

Our comprehensive product guides include detailed information on our products, useful application information and the results of independent, multi-year field trials.

Nitrogen Management Guide

A guide for preventing nitrogen loss with our nitrogen stabilization products.

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