Seed Treatments

Premium Seed Nutrient Dressing

Active PRIME™ enhances the seeds’ ability to germinate and quickly produce more and stronger roots. This results in hardier seedlings, more capable of withstanding less than ideal environmental conditions.

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Boost farm production and profits with Active AgriScience seed treatments, foliar fertilizers, and nitrogen stabilizers. Our nitrogen stabilizer technology reduces nitrogen loss from applied fertilizer by up to 95%. Our liquid fertilizers enhance the yield potential of your crop at key stages of growth.

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Seed Treatments

Improve germination, root growth, and protect seeds from unfavourable environmental conditions with our seed treatments.


Nitrogen Stabilizers

Our nitrogen stabilizers protect your investment by inhibiting all forms of nitrogen loss from applied urea and UAN fertilizer.

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Foliar Nutrients

Our foliar nutrients contain patented technology that enhances plants’ tolerance to unfavourable conditions.

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Who We Are

Active AgriScience is a leading technology provider to the global Agriculture Industry focused on developing seed treatments, foliar nutrients and nitrogen stabilizer products. Our liquid fertilizers deliver nutrients precisely to the plant cells when and where they need it.

It’s not just the high quality nutrients we use in our fertilizers that sets us apart. The proprietary technologies we’ve developed enhances the plant’s ability to perform under cold, wet or drought conditions.


Our unique patented and patent-pending technologies unlock the latent genetic potential of crops. Results from independent scientific research show enhanced germination, seedling vigor, root growth, crop quality, and yield.

Advanced Nitrogen Stabilization

Our nitrogen stabilizers contain modern NBPT and DMPP chemicals to reduce fertilizer loss and emissions. In comparison to DCD, DMPP offers superior efficacy and no

Enhanced Micronutrient Efficiency

Our nutrient encapsulation technology improves nutrient absorption into crops leading to healthier plants that are better equipped to reach their yield potential.

Environmental Stress Resistance

Our products contain a proprietary ingredient that improves a plant’s stress resistance against cold, wet or drought conditions.

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Yield Data

Active AgriScience products are tested over multiple years through third party field studies. Our nitrogen stabilizers show up to 88% nitrogen loss reduction while our foliar nutrients show significant yield increases on multiple crop types.

Find a Sales Rep

Active AgriScience has sales representatives that help us support farmers across the globe. Please find the location closest to you and contact them about purchasing our liquid fertilizer or nitrogen stabilizer products.

Become a Dealer

Opportunities for distributors and retailers of Active AgriScience fertilizers are available in Canada and globally. As research continues to prove the benefits of our products, you can be confident that results on the farm will turn users into loyal advocates, providing an economic benefit to you and your customers.


If you have any questions about our services, please use the contact form below to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.