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Download our free product guide for more information about Active AgriScience™ Products.

Download our free product guide for more information.

Prevent Nitrogen Loss

Prevent up to 50% of soil-applied Nitrogen loss with Arm U and Arm U Advanced.

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Boost farm production and profits with Active AgriScience™ products. Our fertilizers will improve germination, support early growth, maximize pollination, and enhance the quality of your crops. Browse our product page below for Active AgriScience brands.

Active BUILD™

Active BUILD™ promotes growth above and below ground while protecting young plants from stressors.

Active FLOWER™

Active FLOWER™ enhances pollen development, anther dehiscence, pollen hydration, fertilization, and production of fruit, pods and seeds.


Active COMPLETE™ is the last step in ensuring greater volume, size and quality of your crop.

Active KONNECT™ (0.05 Kinetin)

Active KONNECT™ contains the plant growth regulator Kinetin to increase the volume and quality of your crop. Increases fruit, pod and seed growth and nutritional quality.

Proform N™

Proform N™ Supports photosynthesis and the production of proteins for stronger, healthier, higher yield crops.


Active PODFILL™ enhances pollen development, fertilization, and yield of peas, lentils, soybeans.


Active GRAINFILL™ optimizes grain size and weight by improving nutrition and extending the grain fill period.

Active VPR™

Active VPR™ acts as a post-emergent herbicide stress reliever while acting synergistically with the herbicide to increase its efficacy on weeds.

Active VPR™ PLUS

Active VPR™ PLUS contains urea-potassium phosphate and combats herbicide stress.

Active UAN™

Active UAN™ is a liquid fertilizer containing urea, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen.

Active ZINC™

Active ZINC™ is essential for plant enzymatic processes, including photosynthesis and the production of indoleacetic acid, affecting stem length, leaf size, and overall yield.

Active BORON™

Active BORON™ is a micronutrient that supports photosynthesis and sugar translocation, root and root nodule growth, pollen tube length, flower, seed and fruit development.

Active COPPER™

Active COPPER™ is a micronutrient that supports photosynthesis, structural strength, respiration, enzymatic processes, pollen virility, carbohydrate and protein metabolism.

ARM U™ Advanced

ARM U™ ADVANCED is a two-part nitrogen saving technology that inhibits both ammonia volatilization and nitrification.


ARM U™ is an NBPT soil fertilizer additive that allows plants to absorb a greater amount of nitrogen which otherwise disappears too quickly through conversion to ammonia gas.


Active STABILIZER™ is a liquid fertilizer additive that controls ammonia volatilization from urea and UAN fertilizers.


Active STABILIZER™ PLUS is a dual-action nitrogen saving technology that inhibits both ammonia volatilization and nitrification.


Active INFURROW™ delivers nutrients directly to the root zone to stimulate early germination, better root growth and stronger plants.

Active PRIME™

Active PRIME™ promotes germination with significantly greater root growth for hardier seedlings and increased yield.

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