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Opportunities for distributors and retailers of Active AgriScience fertilizers are available in Canada and globally.

Why Choose Active AgriScience?



Our nitrogen stabilizers are more efficient and economical compared to competitor products while our foliar fertilizers enhance crop nutrient absorption and resilience to unfavourable environmental conditions.


Rigorous 3rd
Party Testing

Nitrogen stabilizer and plant nutrient product efficacy is backed by multiple years of research verified by North American Universities and third-party research facilities.



As research continues to prove the benefits of our products, you can be confident that results on the farm will turn users into loyal advocates, providing an economic benefit to you and your customers.

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Yield Data

Active AgriScience products are tested over multiple years through third party field studies. Our nitrogen stabilizers show up to 88% nitrogen loss reduction while our foliar nutrients show significant yield increases on multiple crop types.

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Active AgriScience Global Network


Taurus Ag Marketing

Taurus has been in the agricultural business since 2001. Taurus distributes Active AgriScience products to western Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario and provides support to help growers maximize their returns.



For over 40 years SATEC has worked in the agriculture industry developing seed nutrients, treatments and coating machines. SATEC resells Active AgriScience seed dressing technology across Germany and the rest of Europe.


PIER Management Consulting

Pier Management and Consulting helps farmers increase operational efficiencies and yield. Specializing in horticultural crops, PIER sells Active AgriScience products tailored for berry farms and orchards in British Columbia.


Nixon Consulting

With over 40 years in agribusiness, Nixon Consulting provides consulting in the fertilizer and grain sectors of Western Australia. Nixon Consulting has partnered with Active AgriScience to distribute our products to Australian growers.


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