4 New Formulas that Enhance Crop Yield

Learn more about our four latest fertilizers and n-stabilizers that can increase farming efficiency and improve crop yield potential.

Active AgriScience products: Active STABILIZER PLUS, Active INFURROW, Active VPR PLUS, Active PodFILL.

We here at Active AgriScience are continually refining our product formulas to meet the needs of farmers and growers. We have developed a few new items this year that push the boundaries of agricultural innovation and help improve crop yield potential.

This collection includes items that help reduce nitrogen loss in urea and UAN fertilizers, promote seed germination, improve early growth, improve herbicidal efficacy and boost the reproductive stage of pulse crops.

Continue reading to learn more about our four latest products you should consider incorporating into your crop nutrition program for next season.


Active STABILIZER PLUS is our next-generation nitrogen stabilizer. When you apply nitrogen fertilizer to your fields in the spring, you run the risk of nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization, nitrification (resulting in runoff and leaching of nitrate ions) and denitrification.

Active STABILIZER™ PLUS inhibits volatilization and nitrification, effectively limiting all processes of nitrogen loss. Depending on a farmer’s goals, Active STABILIZER™ PLUS gives farmers a choice: higher yield using the same amount of urea-based nitrogen or same yield but using less urea-based nitrogen. In comparison to DCD products, the DMPP in Active STABILIZER™ PLUS offers superior efficacy and no bioaccumulation. With its low cost and unique variable application rate, farmers can treat as necessary to maximize their return on investment.

When to use

Mix in Active STABILIZER™ PLUS whenever you are applying urea or UAN fertilizer to your fields.

Active STABILIZER PLUS: Addresses ammonia volatilization & nitrification / denitrification, variable application rate 1.2-2.4l/mt of urea, longer nitrogen preservation, economical choice: treatment pays for itself, superior composition enhances coverage & spread-ability. Improves nitrogen management and crop yield potential.


Our new seed treatment, Active INFURROW™ is a starter seed nutrient package for in-furrow application. This liquid fertilizer contains essential nutrients and trace elements specifically designed to enhance seed germination and early growth.

Most crops are seeded when the soil is too cold for bacteria that make nutrients readily available to the plant. Active INFURROW™ delivers nutrients directly to the root zone to stimulate early germination, better root development and stronger plants so your crop can thrive even in cold conditions.

When to use

Apply Active INFURROW™ after seeding in a band 5 cm (2”) from the seeds.

Recommended Crops

Active INFURROW™ works well with wheat, canola, corn, soybean, pea, lentils and other seeds.

Active INFURROW: Early germination, stronger growth in cold soils, increased seedling resilience to stress, better root development leading to improved crop yield potential.

Active VPR™ PLUS

Active VPR™ PLUS can be used as a tank mix partner with your post-emergent herbicide application. Selective herbicides are developed so that particular crops can convert them into a non-herbicidal form. However, in order to convert herbicide into harmless components the crop spends energy and nutrients that would be better utilized for plant growth. Having to metabolize the herbicide actually diminishes the crop’s natural activity at a key stage of growth.

Active VPR™ PLUS acts as a herbicide stress reliever with added Urea-Potassium Phosphate to effectively replace UAN as tank mix partner. Loaded with the three essential nutrients (N-P-K) Active VPR™ PLUS enhances herbicidal activity on weeds and improves stress resistance and root growth.

When to Use

Field Peas and Succulent Peas: apply at the 4-5 leaf stage (herbicide timing).

Soybean and other Dry Edible Beans: apply at V1-V2 (first-second trifoliate/herbicide timing) stage.

Recommended Crops

Active VPR PLUS™ is tailored to help improve the early growth of pulse crops.

Viper ADV
Basagran Forte
Viper ADV + Basagran Forte
Viper ADV + Basagran
Python A + Python B
Active VPR PLUS benefits: increased root growth and drought resistance, improved crop maturity and uniformity, loaded with nutrients to boost growth, reduced herbicide stress and enhanced herbicidal activity. Benefits improve crop yield potential.

Active PodFILL™

Your crop expends a lot of resources during the reproductive stage to generate pollen and blooms.

By ensuring that your crop receives the nutrients it needs during this period, you can optimize fertilization and increase your yield potential.

Active PodFILL™ is a rich, plant nutrient mix tailored to enhance pollen development and fertilization of peas, lentils, soybeans and other beans. It improves pollen hydration, germination, pollen tube growth and viability. Active PodFILL™ also encourages bee foraging activity which can help increase fertilization.

When to Use

For general use, Active PodFILL™ is best applied with a compatible fungicide at the 5 – 20% crop bloom stage (BBCH 60-62 for canola).

Recommended Crops

Active PodFILL™ is designed to improve the reproductive stage of pulse crops.

Active PodFILL benefits: Enhanced pollen tube growth, improved pollen volume and viability, increased size and quantity of pods and seeds all work towards improving crop yield potential.

Active AgriScience has developed products for most farming and feeding systems to enhance every stage of crop growth. Our products are designed to help farmers and growers save time and money by reducing fertilizer waste and improving fertilizer uptake while reducing environmental impact. Whether you’re growing in a field, a greenhouse, or an orchard, we have a product suited to your needs. Visit our product page to learn more.


While Active AgriScience stands behind the quality of our products (see guarantee below), Active AgriScience cannot guarantee the same, or similar, yield results due the effects of variables outside of our control (soil conditions, weather, pests, diseases, tank mix partners, application rates, and errors in mixing and application). We encourage all prospective customers to run trials of our products before broad acreage adoption.

Active AgriScience 100% guarantees the quality of its products with a 15-month free replace warranty*. To aid consumers to make informed purchasing decisions all Yield Data posted on our Website and App is from Certified 3rd Party Tests.

*Improper use and/or storage, as per label instructions, voids the warranty. Product must be stored out of direct sun light within a temperature range of 5 – 35°C. Warranty is limited to the cost of the product and may be satisfied by free replacement of defective product, a credit note or refund (at the discretion of Active AgriScience Inc).

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