Top 5 Recommended Products for Next Spring

Active AgriScience offers a full nutrient solution for every stage of crop development

Active AgriScience Products

With the growing season winding down, now is the perfect time to make a better plan for next year. Active AgriScience offers a full nutrient solution for every stage of crop development. Our products supply your crop with the correct ratio of nutrients at the correct time. Some also contain bio stimulant technology designed to upregulate (induce) biosynthetic pathways favourable to root, stem, and fruit growth while downregulating (inhibiting) unfavourable pathways. This allows the crop to thrive even in adverse environmental conditions.

Here are the top 5 products you should introduce into your crop nutrient program for a significant boost in quality and yield:



When you apply nitrogen fertilizer to your fields in the spring, you run the risk of nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization, nitrification (resulting in runoff and leaching of nitrate ions) and denitrification. Active STABILIZER™ PLUS inhibits volatilization and nitrification, effectively limiting all processes of nitrogen loss. Consider mixing in a nitrogen stabilizer for your next season’s fertilization.

When to Use

Mix in Active STABILIZER™ PLUS whenever you are applying urea or UAN to your fields.

Boost seed germination and root growth with Active PRIME.

Active PRIME™

Active PRIME™ is a seed applied nutrient designed to boost seed germination and root growth, ensuring your crop has a strong, healthy start. Active PRIME™ protects your seeds allowing nutrients to be utilized even in unfavourable conditions.

When to Use

Apply Active PRIME™ as a seed dressing prior to planting your crop.

Recommended Crops

Active PRIME™ is recommended for wheat, barley, corn, canola, soybean and other pulse crops, tomatoes and vegetable seeds.

Reduce stress and promote early growth with Active BUILD.

Active BUILD™

The process of breaking down herbicides into less toxic components causes crops to undergo stress. Active BUILD™ acts as a herbicide stress reliever while providing the nutrients required for optimal, early growth.

When to Use

For general use, Active BUILD™ is best applied with a compatible herbicide at the 3-5 leaf stage of your crop (13-15 on the BBCH scale).

Recommended Crops

Active BUILD™ works well with wheat, oats, canola, potato, corn, flax, soybean, peas, lentils, and other pulse crops.

Enhance flowering and pollination with Active FLOWER.

Active FLOWER™

For your blooming crops, Active FLOWER™ enhances the production of fruit, seeds, and pods. Active FLOWER™ provides nutrients, polyamines and organic acids that improve pollen formation, anther dehiscence, hydration, germination, pollen tube growth and viability, and bee foraging activity.

When to Use

For general use, Active FLOWER™ is best applied with a compatible fungicide at the 5 – 20% crop bloom stage (BBCH 60-62 for canola).

Recommended Crops

Active FLOWER™ works well with canola, corn, flax, berries, hops, tomatoes, soybean, peas, lentils, and other pulse crops.

Increase fruit, pod and seed volume, size and quality with Active COMPLETE.


Active COMPLETE™ is the last step in ensuring greater volume, size and quality of your crop. The application of these specially designed nutrients gives a boost to the final stages of the plant reproduction cycle, increasing fruit, pod and seed growth and nutritional quality.

When to Use

For general use, Active COMPLETE™ is best applied with a compatible fungicide at full flowering with 50% of anthers matured or at milk stage (BBCH 65-75 for wheat).

Recommended Crops

Active COMPLETE™ works well with wheat, corn, potatoes, fruit and nut trees, tomatoes, vegetables, soybeans and other pulses.

Additional Products

Although adding these top 5 products to your crop nutrient program can give you great results in quality and yield, Active AgriScience sells a wide variety of other nutrient solutions to encourage a healthy growing season. Here are a few bonus products to boost crop performance:


ARM U™ ADVANCED is a dual nitrogen stabilizer much like Active STABILIZER™ PLUS but with a higher percentage of NBPT and DMPP, the chemicals that inhibit nitrogen loss through volatilization and nitrification. Consider ARM U™ ADVANCED for your premium nitrogen stabilizer.

When to Use

Apply ARM U™ ADVANCED along with your urea or UAN fertilization.


Active KONNECT™ is a great source of potassium for enhancing protein production and kinetin for enhancing cell division, growth, and branching. The balanced combination of ingredients allows for the rapid uptake and utilization of nutrients increasing the volume, size, and quality of fruits, grains or nuts.

When to Use

  • Wheat, oats, barley: one application each at tillering and grain filling.
  • Canola, flax, sunflowers: one application each at herbicide timing and early flowering.
  • Soybeans and other pulses: one application each at herbicide timing and pod filling.
  • Fruit and nut trees, berries: one application between fruit set and ripening.
  • Tomatoes, vegetables: Early growth stage and flowering stage.

Proform N™

Proform N™ provides both readily available nitrogen and slow release nitrogen to keep your crop well supplied throughout the season. The amino acids and urea nitrogen in Proform N™ allow for easy absorption into nitrogen demanding tissues. This is the ideal foliar nutrient for when your crop needs a nitrogen top up.

When to Use

Apply Proform N™ to your crop both during the early growth phase (herbicide timing) and after pollination (fungicide timing).

Recommended Crops

Proform N™ works well with canola, wheat, soybeans, peas, lentils, corn, and potatoes.

If you are looking for a way to enhance crop performance, even in adverse conditions, our top 5 recommended products are the answer. Multiple years of third-party testing show crop yield increases using a combination of Active PRIME™, Active BUILD™, Active FLOWER™, and Active COMPLETE™. To learn more about our products and for an in-depth look at our studies, please read our Crop Performance Report.